7.8 Billion are for sale, because we believe everybody matters.

The total raised during the pre-sale determines LifeCoin's worth,
and distributes this 7.8B to participants accordingly.

Built on Ethereum

LifeCoin (LFE) is an ERC20 token w/ a scalable smart contract architecture planned for the EVM (inculding a unique content-review / consensus mechanism, & NFT collectibles).

LifeCoin & YawLife, Put Simply:

Social media is bland, and our time on it should be valued. LifeCoin will reward users who post and review content on YawLife. YawLife will have a living environment on each profile, so artists can submit their creations to the collectibles marketplace and earn LifeCoin from NFT's with real utility (e.g. living creatures & plants that users can place in their digital world). Each world is a unique display of persona to cherish and share with others.

Meet The Team

The people bringing YawLife to reality.

Alexander Horvath - Director
With a background as a coordinator to one of
Canada's largest companies, he's helped manage
billion-dollar oil shutdowns & has the skills & know-
how to ensure everyone leaves the table happy.
His personnel skills are impeccable.

Michael Flood - Creative Architect
A multi-disciplinary designer/systems engineer
exploring immersive UX’s & designing systems
that incentivize healthy growth (sustainable tech.
R&D, systems modeling, hardware/software
prototypes, IoT/blockchain & digital manufacturing).

Michael Paton - Founder & CEO
Mike leads the business and its vision, develops
interactive front-end prototypes, does graphic/web
design, video production and editing, animations,
architecture design, and other miscellaneous work.
YawLife is his life.

Gaurav Chhabra - Senior Full Stack Developer
Gaurav leads full stack development at YawLife.
He has extensive experience in Javascript (and
related frameworks), CSS, HTML, PHP/MYSQL and
more. He works miracles. His proclivity to AWS and
beyond also lets him aid in DevOps.

Scott McNaughton - SENSE™ Ops
Scott has a BSc Econ and is applying his economic
knowledge/mathematical skills to the multivariate
SENSE token, LFE/SENSE staking, consensus and
distribution mechanics of the YawLife platform.
He also helps with operations.

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