Get Paid to Post & Review Content.


A Decentralized Social Network Built On A Content Originality Engine

Currency Supply

7.5 Billion LifeCoin exist as is the in-app currency.

Rewarding Creators

Own your content. Earn LifeCoin for your creative/scientific works.

Rewarding Reporters

Earn LifeCoin reviewing content, giving creators the credit they deserve.

A new reputation/reward system for content.

Built on Ethereum

We watermark images, video, audio and writing with smart contracts in a scalable manner. We're focusing on what's efficient with the blockchain now. This enables us to reach a critical mass of users, so that development of a completely decentralized app is sustainable and achieveable.

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Geared Towards The Masses

Keeping it Simple

In order for blockchain technology to truly reach the masses, products developed with it should meet and exceed the status quo for web/mobile apps. Our interface is minimal and intuitive. Users can like, comment, share, bookmark and tip content.

Reducing Fake News
Reducing Fake News & Infringement

With Content Reporters

The more honest/correct users are on reports, the more SENSE™ [reputation] they have. Multiple reporters are weighed to achieve consenus, and reporters have the opportunity to make more LifeCoin on each report as their SENSE™ increases.

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